Day 1. February 16th 2020

Day 1 and Storm Dennis arrives.

Wet and windy – I guess this is something that I need to get used to as I’ll need to run in whatever conditions the weather throws up for the next 50 days!

Fuelled by homemade waffles, swirling wind made things a little tricky this morning, but a steady pace meant that a gentle sub 30 min 5km was a solid start to the challenge.

Its funny – I didnt really sleep last night as I was thinking about the challenge – we’ll more specifically raising £5,000 which I know is not going to be easy.

However, this would be a life changing amount for We Love Football Academy and mean that we can do a whole host of things with the kids.

We can look at taking them on trips to places not only to educate them, but also to give them life experiences that they can only dream of.

But it’s not just the kids.

We were recently able to place one of the volunteer coaches in part time work and am confident that this could turn into a full time job.

It could mean that for the first time in his life he could move out of the townships into a flat – something that he couldn’t imagine a few years ago before he got involved in WLFA.

Its these stories and wins – making a difference to peoples lives – that will motivate me over the challenge and, I hope, will motivate people to donate;

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