Day 17. March 3rd 2020

Another guest runner today – Henry Fyson -which meant that it was likely to be a fast pace. And so it turned out.

The first 3km was the quickest ever (despite some climbing and chatting the whole way!) The second 2km hurt a little (especially the hill at the end) but it was great fun.

I’m really starting to enjoy running with guests, not least because its a fantastic way to catch up with people, but also it takes your mind off the run!

The route (a circular route from Eastleach to Southrop and back) was stunning Cotswolds. The weather was kind and, to top it off, half way round we were joined by first one barn owl flying alongside and then a second gracing us with its presence. A truly magical experience an.

So we’re 17 days in. I think I’m feeling fitter. As expected I’ having good days and run of the mill days but keeping the variety in terms of routes and guests certainly helps.

I’m off to Ireland for a few days so fitting the runs in around meetings will throw up some new challenges.

Please keep donating. We’re currently at £1203.

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