Day 14. February 29th 2020

Saturday morning. No stress. How about a gentle run along the Thames Path? It might be a bit wet, but I’m sure it’ll be fine!

Ah!……….. Wet? Yes
Cold? Yes
Windy? Of course (hasn’t every day been?)
But hail? hail?

Well, I guess that’s all part of the challenge (and its not as if I’m out in it for hours.)

On the positive side it was, indeed, a lovely run with the river running very very high and some of the footpath very very muddy. But isn’t that part of the fun? Isn’t that one of the reasons I did this? Stick on the old trail shoes and away we go.

With a tailwind I could even pick up a bit of pace for the first few kilometres and enjoy splashing through the fields, ankle deep in water.
But once I turned back for home and faced the wind along came the hail.

So thats number 14 done. Thats 28% completed and I’m at 22% of raising money for my goal. So please dig deep. My plan was to try and keep distance completed tracking against the money raised.

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