Day 20. March 6th 2020

The sun shone! The first time during the past 20 days that I have run without my rain jacket! And I was up for it!

It’s amazing what a difference a warm sunny day makes. You just feel so much better and more positive somehow. (Its why I aspire to be a swallow in later years i.e. migrating down to the Southern Hemisphere for the winter to enjoy some summer sunshine)

I decided to run the standard there-and-back run to the end of Alvescot and to push hard (well I did say I was feeling good). The result was a PB by nearly 1 minute and just 2 seconds off breaking 26 mins for 5km.

I was motivated not only by the sun but also by the fact that my total is inching ever close to £1500. The response has been fantastic and we’re nearly at 30% of target raised.

Please keep supporting me as We Love Football Academy is making a real difference to peoples lives.

Early start tomorrow to fit the run into a busy weekend.

20 done. 30 left!

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