Day 32. March 18th 2020

Weird, weird weird.
Like being in an apocalyptic movie. Running whilst listening to the radio talking about the world shutting down. Schools. Businesses. Cities. It’s almost surreal.
I’m running this challenge to raise money for some incredibly disadvantaged kids and yet suddenly the scale of the coronavirus means that millions and millions of people are going to be finding things tough.

Losing their jobs. Their livelihoods. Their homes? Indeed their lives.

I’m sure that when we come out the other side things will have changed dramatically. I am sure that people will take the time to reassess why they do what they do and whether its worth it. Whether there is a different path for them.

In the meantime staying fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, is going to be more and more important, and enjoying this challenge, and the headspace it provides is such a huge release and comfort.

I’m 32 days in. 18 days left. My plans for a final birthday run with friends, family and supporters looks like it may be going out the window due to social distancing. But we’ll see.

Keep safe.

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