Day 35. March 21st 2020

Bit of a different day today as I thought I’d start the day with a cycle ride with Charlie Stanley-Evans.

For those eagle-eyed blog readers, you will spot that Charlies wife – Rachel -featured back on day 10 – dragging me to a 5km PB at the time and, yes you’ve guessed it, Charlie shares the same strong athlete mentality and thus the ride was not likely to be a short little jolly.

..And so it proved when four hours and 85km later I limped back into the driveway with tired, sore and heavy legs…and a dilemma.

Option A. Shower, change, have lunch and generally relax all afternoon and then run this evening.
Option B. Slip on the running shoes and head off on the daily 5km challenge.

It was a tricky one as, as you can imagine, the thought of heading out for another 30 mins of running wasn’t exactly the most enticing, however the thought of not doing it then and trying to run later (rather than chilling in front of a nice movie with the wife, kids and a bottle of wine) was not that thrilling either.

So Option B it had to be.
And boy was it tough. my legs felt like lead and off I set at what can only be described as a shuffle.

Nearly 31 mins later (some 5 minutes slower than my PB!!) I was back. Day 35 ticked off and a huge sense of satisfaction.

So the wine is now open. The fire lit and I can indeed relax after another great challenge day.

15 days left and it looks like 2 guest runners have signed up for next week – we’ll need to make sure that we’re 2 metres apart due to Social Distancing, but, at this time, social contact and connection feels more important than ever!!

I know things are tough but lets not forget the challenges others face. Please continue to help me raise money for We Love Football Academy:

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