Day 39. March 25th 2020

I wasn’t sure what effect this every day running malarky would have on me.
Would I become addicted? What would 5km times be like? What would be the difference in fitness? What would be the difference in my mental state?

When I started back in February nobody was really talking about Coronavirus.
39 days later and we are in lockdown, Death rates are climbing and my runs have become more and more a release from this. A release from the world around and a chance to gather thoughts and think about ways to try and keep the business ticking over, to think about friends and family.

Today was no exception and, as I set off, I made a mental note to completely enjoy the experience, the surroundings, the sunshine and the countryside and, perhaps because of that, it was one of the highlight runs to date.

It makes me realise how lucky we are where we live to be able to run out into the countryside and hardly see a sole. Compare that to the crowd on the tubes and trains in the cities and those even trying to get some exercise in crowded parks.

I then think about the kids in We Love Football Academy, in the townships surrounding Cape Town. The virus hasn’t really taken hold there but, if it does, it is likely to cause mass deaths, sweeping through townships where the idea of washing hands and keeping 2 metres apart is virtually impossible.

My feeling is that they will need much more help than we will and thus to support them now is even more important.
Donations, of course, have slowed down as our minds are on so many other things but, during today’s run, I did take a moment. Perhaps we all should take a moment.

Please, please, please if you were thinking of donating do it now.

11 days left.

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