Day 25. March 11th 2020

Whoaaa…..we’re half way there……whoaa……!!

Day 25. A special run with Karen. Half way to running 5km every day.

Following a business meeting in Somerset, a local google search for good running venues threw up Cheddar Reservior. Looking at google maps we weren’t quite sure how far it was all the way round but it looked about right.

A 20 minute drive later and we were there

The weather was warmish. The wind not too bad. The view quite pleasant and off we set at a reasonable pace. I think its starting to get fun this running. Don’t get me wrong I’m not exactly running with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, but to take in the countryside and enjoy the moment definitely has a huge value.

I have to admit I am slightly disappointed at only having raised £1473 to date, but I guess firstly that’s nearly 30% of the £5000 I aim to raise and secondly I know there are many friends and associates who have said that they will support me but have not yet done so.

I guess also I have 25 days more to run. That’s over 3 weeks and a lot can change in that period of time.

If you are reading this though and have not yet donated please do so here

One thing that I do want to happen is for more people to join me in the next 25 days. I want to enjoy the challenge with like-minded runners – so please get in touch –

Day 25. 25 done. 125km done. 25 to go. 125km to run.

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