Day 16. March 2nd 2020

The second week running that I have made a Monday night trip to Lechlade and a run whilst Jamie plays tennis.

This week I thought I’d run the same route to compare however after just over 1km I got distracted by a “Footpath” sign.
“Oh” I thought….that looks like it might loop back into the town and perhaps give me an alternative route… off I went.

The path opened up into a lovely field and, as the light faded, I could see a possible route into the distance. Having thought that I’d be running predominantly roads tonight I hadn’t bothered with the trail shoes. Big mistake! As the light began to fade my footpath turned into a field and there I was skirting the edge on a rather uneven, muddy, grassy path.

Keep on going I told myself and so I did. In one large loop all around the edge of the field looking for a path towards the lights of the town (yes it was now getting dark) and trying to avoid any potential hazards by the light of the headtorch!

Eventually, having run the entire perimeter of the field I was back on track and in familiar territory.

And you know what? I loved it! I think because I was concentrating so much on where to go I forgot about how fast I was running, whether it was hurting and just zoned out. My choice of listening was a podcast (which I am sure helped) so, with the therapeutic voice of Guy Raz (How I Built This – my favourite podcast out there) I eased myself back into Lechlade.

Not quick. But fun. And satisfying.

Another day on the journey. 16 down. 34 to go.

Please keep donating – the total currently stands at £1183 – 24% of my target with 24% of the run completed.

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