Day 26. March 12th 2020

From the euphoria of the halfway point to the worst day yet in terms of “I REALLY do not want to run tonight”!

A stressful day at the office. Tired. Frustrated. Angry. At any other time I absolutely 100% would have settled down with a glass of wine and done nothing.

But I can’t do that. That would be failing the challenge. Failing the kids at We Love Football Academy.

So reluctantly I pulled on my gear. Set the watch, and off I went. Not in the mood at all, I set off at (what I thought) was a gentle jog. Plugged into a podcast and braved the wind and rain (yet again for the umpteenth time during this challenge).

I got into the zone. Into the rhythm.

Before I knew it I was back. Not hardly breathing and yet having run the end-of-Alvescot-and-back standard route at a pace that was quicker by over 2 minutes than I would have run this 25 days ago! An absolute measure of my fitness.

And so it was that, once again, the run had completely transformed my mood and completely removed all the negative and stressful feelings that I had before I ran.

The challenge was the ONLY thing that made me run and therein lies the question. When all this over will I be motivated to run when feeling so cr*p? Will I make the effort to get my gear on and just hit the road or will I just vedge in front of the TV?

Of course, there are thousands (probably millions around the world) that do indeed run just to get this feeling of wellbeing.

The podcast I was tuned into was about a vegan runner who ran across America. His description of running?………”Its the opposite of a drug. When you take a drug you feel amazing at the time and feel awful afterwards. When you run you feel rubbish whilst doing it but amazing afterwards!”

26 days done. 24 days left.

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