Day 41. March 27th 2020

Guest number 6 – Mark Hewlett.
Following on from the first”virtual’ guest on Day 38 where the run was a WhatsApp call I progressed today to WhatsApp video which just brought the whole virtual run to life.

Whilst I was, technically, running around a village circuit, virtually I was running with Mark in Cirencester Park. Seeing the hills. Seeing the views and chatting with my mate….I loved it.

The run went by in a flash as we talked about the crisis, our families, work and generally caught up. It’s just such a great way to connect at the moment, at a time when we are now allowed to travel to meet to run even if we wanted to.

It’s crazy but this challenge has become a completely different journey that simply running 5kn every day for 50 days to raise £5k.
Its become a journey of self-development. A journey that’s seen the coronavirus come into our lives and become something that will be remembered and recognised for hundreds of years. This is something that is affecting the entire global population and really puts things into perspective, and yet my challenge has brought so much positivity into my life.

Day 41 completed and just 9 left. I think I’m going to miss this….

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