Day 33. March 19th 2020

Gentle evening run tonight with a little bit of cross country thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, the light in my headtorch was not fully charged and thus I think I may have tweaked something by stepping into a hole. I’ve been injury-free so far (just a few niggles) ,so let’s hope that this isn’t something worse -we’ll soon see by the morning I’m sure.

I’ve written a few times during this blog about my joy of running in the dark, with a head torch, listening to a podcast, and this certainly seems to have become a good space for me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are absolutely times to run with others, times to run with hi tempo music blasting, and times just to run listening to the birds and your breathing, but for me, my little evening cocoon works.

On that note, I must mention the life-changing podcast that I was recommended some time ago. ” How I built this” by Guy Raz (NPR) is just inspirational. It follows the story of how entrepreneurs build their businesses. The highs and the lows. And I love it!! It not only inspires me in my own business but also for life in general -so check it out

So there we have it. We’re 33 days in. We’re inching ever closer to £2000 raised. 17 days left. That’s just 2 1/2 weeks. 17 days to my 50th birthday and the end of the challenge.

Please keep donating. I know there are many other things on all our minds at present, but we may well come through this unscathed. The kids in We Love Football Academy will, I’m sure, still, be struggling and finding things difficult.

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