Day 5. February 20th 2020

A difficult day today.

I’m not great in the morning, but the only option today was to get out relatively early and (hopefully) avoid the worst of the weather.

I decided to go cross country for a change -big mistake. I battled mud, bog, wet and, despite wearing my new trail running shoes, slipped all over the place.

The weather was OK (a little windy) but I just wasn’t feeling it this morning -it was definitely a case of just going through the motions and The Beatles soundtrack didn’t seem to help!

Having completed an initial couple of k’s through the bog I then ventured on to the road for some light relief. However, that didn’t last very long as I turned into a headwind!

The result? 3 mins slower than yesterday.

But – hey -thats 10% of the runs done and the donations keep coming in so its not all bad.

Don’t forget if you want to donate simply visit;

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