Day 49. April 4th 2020

A sunny loop to Bampton and back with Mrs S (and a parallel run at the same time run by Olly and Sam Morris Adams.)

I sit here watching the coronavirus update where 4313 people in the UK have died to date. I write this both to take some time for those numbers to sink in and also as a record for when I read this back in 5, 10 , 20 years time.
I have one day left of this challenge and, as I have written before, looking back to when I started on February 16th 2020 to where we are now (April 4th 2020) things in the world have changed beyond belief.

I will keep pushing to raise money for We Love Football Academy and currently, the amount raised stands at £1812 which is just fantastic.

I’ll review things in more detail tomorrow but, in the meantime, that’s 49 days done. 1 left!

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