Day 34. March 20th 2020

Another new running route today found by a “run along the Thames near Oxford” google search.

Yesterday’s post run niggle injury has come to nothing and thus I found myself at the Port Meadow car park.

Port Meadow is a vast flood plain that was a little flooded today but, after a short muddy run along the river, I cut back to some wooded, and then common, lane trails. In the absence of running in my trail shoes it was a little slippy, but a really refreshing run.

My first major Garmin fail means that I had to measure the distance (dont worry it was over 5km!) and then guestimate the total time based on the 3km that Garmin tracked, so no km splits.

Last day at school for the kids due to the virus, so perhaps I’ll have some new guests next week.

34 days done. 16 to go.

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