Day 23. March 9th 2020

Guess what…’s raining again…..!!!!!!

OK -so there was a sunny window this morning for a few hours but, unfortunately, I was unable to take advantage of it. And so it was off for an evening run in the dark with headtorch.

It’s funny, but although I often don’t feel like running at the end of the day, there is something about running in the dark. I find it easier just to be in my own headspace and relaxing.

Rather than listening to music tonight I wanted to continue listening to an incredibly inspirational podcast which, anyone reading this MUST listen to:

So taken was I with the podcast that I almost completely switched off from the running and, before I knew it, was running the home straight -still transfixed with what I was listening to.

Part of this running journey is to find inspiration. Inspiration from the kids that make the effort to leave the townships and jump on a mini bus to make it to We Love Football Academy. Inspiration to find some space for oneself for reflection. As I near the half way point it is delivering that in spades.

Yes of course, when the weather sucks, or you’re tired, or fed up, or busy, its easy not to do things. But just the simple effort of doing something makes one feel better.

23 days in. 27 to go. I’ve run 115km so far this challenge. That’s basically running from here to London’s Tower Bridge!

Sadly no donations for a few days so we’re stuck on £1463. PLEASE SUPPORT ME!

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