Day 21. March 7th 2020

Today was always going to be a “recovery run” day.

I woke up tired and stiff and, as we seemed to have established, morning runs do not find me at my best! The solution was a gentle trot around the local fields/footpath and a steady pace.

I think you would define this day as a definite “going through the motions” kind of day rather than anything massively motivational – but, again, that’s part of the process of running every single day I guess as they’re not all going to be full-on.

So there we have it. We’re 21 days in. That’s 3 weeks of running every day.
Am I getting fitter? Absolutely.
Does it help manage stress and provide headspace? Absolutely
Is it bringing joy? 100% -particularly when I see donations coming in and we get just that one step closer to the £5k target.

29 days left to run. That’s just less than 1 month. 1 month to reach the goal and 1 month before I turn 50.

The total stands at £1463 raised as I write this – the target is to push on through this this weekend so please help however you are able.

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