Day 10. February 25th 2020

10 runs in. 40 to go. 20% of the way. 22% of the £5k raised……

Without doubt the best day so far………
As a bit of an amateur runner, I’m not really used to running with other people. I usually just plonk on my headphones and try and zone into my own headspace, not think too much about the run and let the time slip by.

But today was going to be different as I welcomed my second guest runner – Rachel Stanley-Evans.

To be honest I was a little nervous. Rachel is a fantastic athlete and thinks nothing of running a 100 mile ultra (I know?!!) so here was little old me wanting her to join me for just 5k!
What’s the etiquette for running with someone? I guess its rude to put on headphones?! I suppose I’d have to chat? But how would I be able to do that when I struggle to catch my breath? All these thoughts consumed me…..

How silly! I was just running with a really good mate. So why worry?

So off we set and without even thinking the first kilometre went by in a flash as we chatted and took in the scenery. Even the sun came out!
We’re into the second km and even Rachel mentioned that the pace was quite strong and so it was that we continued, me trying to chat and catch my breath and learn this new skill of communicating with someone whilst running and Rachel dragging me along.

The result? Not only the fastest 5km I’ve ever done but also one of the most enjoyable.

So now I’m set and ready for more guest runners with three already lined up.

A good day today. 10 down. 40 to go.

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