Day 8. February 23rd 2020

A guest runner this morning – my wife Karen!

She’s a much quicker runner so I was a little nervous, however I managed to hand on to her heels when she started upping the pace for the last km!!

Some fantastic news today as I’ve pushed through the £1000 raised barrier with a wonderful donation from the Ryder Family.

It’s so satisfying to see the funds being raised for We Love Football Academy and I’m looking forward to heading down to Cape Town at the end of this year to personally hand over the cheque for (what I’m hoping will be) £5k (ZAR100,000)

Anyhow, Still another 42 days to go!

Day 7. February 22nd 2020

Day 7. A nice little route around the village combining on the road and cross country.

A few kissing gates to slow me down but the weather was fair, the sun tried to shine and all in all a pleasant Saturday morning run.

I’m definitely settling in to a routine and haven’t yet struggled to get on the run.

After all I chose 5km since its really only 30 minutes a day and anyone should be able to find the time to do that. I’m not, after all, running a marathon a day and I have plenty of close friends that already run almost daily and do many more miles.

For me the important element is raising money for We Love Football Academy and then personally challenging myself to get out every day, get fit and get some headspace.

Its work in progress but I’m enjoying it so far.

1 week gone…..

Day 6. February 21st 2020

An enjoyable run today.

A new route, so its always interesting to check out somewhere, even though it’s in the neighbouring village and I’ve lived here for 12 or 13 years!

One of the joys of running is to find some headspace but, for me, finding that zone is a skill I still need to master. I guess it’s a little like learning to meditate – it takes time and training, however I’m convinced that if you can find “the zone” then it certainly is a healthy process and one that helps to “reset”. So that was my thought process today. Forget the time. Forget the fact that you’re even running. Take in the surroundings and try and enjoy the outdoors, the fresh air and the time to think with no distractions.

OK, so I’m sounding a little deep here, however I’m definitely getting better at this. I know if your an ultra runner, for example, part of being able to tackle such huge distances is the ability to find this place in your mind.

Anyhow. Back to the challenge.

I’m excited to announce that we are so close to raising the first £1000 towards the £5k goal.

Just a little push over the weekend and we’ll be there -so please dig deep and keep donating here:

6 days down. 44 to go.

Day 5. February 20th 2020

A difficult day today.

I’m not great in the morning, but the only option today was to get out relatively early and (hopefully) avoid the worst of the weather.

I decided to go cross country for a change -big mistake. I battled mud, bog, wet and, despite wearing my new trail running shoes, slipped all over the place.

The weather was OK (a little windy) but I just wasn’t feeling it this morning -it was definitely a case of just going through the motions and The Beatles soundtrack didn’t seem to help!

Having completed an initial couple of k’s through the bog I then ventured on to the road for some light relief. However, that didn’t last very long as I turned into a headwind!

The result? 3 mins slower than yesterday.

But – hey -thats 10% of the runs done and the donations keep coming in so its not all bad.

Don’t forget if you want to donate simply visit;

Day 4. February 19th 2020

Wet and windy yet again!

Stuck in the office today due to the car being in the garage so a chance to run the longer loop from the office and then warm down on the way back and check out the extensive flooding due to Storm Dennis!

Struggling to get the air in the lungs today for some reason but a steady 5km and another one ticked off!

Received the biggest single donation to date today (£150) from Norman Langford which has pushed me ever closer to the first £1000 raised – 20% of the target.

Please keep donating to help me hit the £5k target.

Day 3. February 18th 2020

A slightly different day today since I was on business in Sheffield.

After a quick google for a lunch time run I found Ecclesall Woods –  the perfect spot, with marked out runs around woodland and a little cafe for a post run coffee and toasted sandwich!

Off I set feeling good and ready for a chance of scenery and a run through woodland (a big change from my usual runs around here), but little did I know that this wasn’t just any woodland…..this was hilly woodland..!!

Within the first 100m I found myself tackling steps and climbing with an elevation gain of 50m in the first half kilometre.

The result?

Me struggling to catch my breath and thinking have a really got another 4.5km to go!

Anyhow, after a while I settled in and took on the ups and downs of the trail.

A satisfying run and one where my new trail shoes would have been perfect. Only one problem….I left them at home!.

Day 3 done. 47 to go!

Day 2. February 17th 2020

Decided to go for the “office to home” run today.

With Storm Dennis still hanging around the wind was always going to be a factor, but luckily for me it was in my favour and for the first 1km I was pushed along.

From then on I turned into it a little, but was lucky that at no time in the run was it really in my face (which was a relief)

Felt fine. The sum tried to shine and the run (being new to me even though I travel the route every day) was fun.

2 down. 48 to go

Day 1. February 16th 2020

Day 1 and Storm Dennis arrives.

Wet and windy – I guess this is something that I need to get used to as I’ll need to run in whatever conditions the weather throws up for the next 50 days!

Fuelled by homemade waffles, swirling wind made things a little tricky this morning, but a steady pace meant that a gentle sub 30 min 5km was a solid start to the challenge.

Its funny – I didnt really sleep last night as I was thinking about the challenge – we’ll more specifically raising £5,000 which I know is not going to be easy.

However, this would be a life changing amount for We Love Football Academy and mean that we can do a whole host of things with the kids.

We can look at taking them on trips to places not only to educate them, but also to give them life experiences that they can only dream of.

But it’s not just the kids.

We were recently able to place one of the volunteer coaches in part time work and am confident that this could turn into a full time job.

It could mean that for the first time in his life he could move out of the townships into a flat – something that he couldn’t imagine a few years ago before he got involved in WLFA.

Its these stories and wins – making a difference to peoples lives – that will motivate me over the challenge and, I hope, will motivate people to donate;

Run 5k Every day for 50 days

So I started thinking….what can I do to celebrate my 50th Birthday.

Something that would be a fair challenge.

Something that maybe others could join in.

Something that could help me raise money for the charity that gloveglu supports in Cape Town- We Love Football Academy – where we teach Township kids life and football values.

And then I had the eureka moment………why not run 5k every day for 50 days to raise 5k…….5 for 50 for 5.

So thats what I intend to do.


Starting on Sunday 16th February 2020 the challenge will begin.

I will write a daily blog here about the experience, the highs and lows, as well as keeping readers on track as we push towards raising £5k (which incendentally is around ZAR100,000 which also has a nice ring to it)

If you’d like to find out more about the gloveglu association with We Love Football Academy you can visit here

More importantly, if you’d like to donate then visit